Our Christmas Message

Healthy Christmas

With Christmas almost here,
It’s time to share some cheer.
Some parting words (as we usually do),
About holiday tips from me to you.

For during the holiday season,
There’s always an occasion or reason-
To eat, drink and have plenty of fun
And we aren’t saying this shouldn’t be done!

We’d like to give you some tips,
That will help your waist and those hips.
Let’s start with a chat about wine,
Check this out if you have the time.

It shows all types of wine in order,
Just like a calorie recorder.
But if cocktails are really your thing,
Try this low cal Singapore Sling.

Or these sites one, two, three,
Have options for you and me.
What about food you say?
Let’s start with a canape.

These snacks are easy to make,
One even includes steak!
And why not add a healthy punch,
To your annual Christmas lunch.

These recipes are seriously yum,
Part of your repertoire they’ll soon become.
It also wouldn’t hurt to try,
A healthy (but tasty!) festive pie.

If you’re looking to stay fit and trim,
Call Cath from your favourite gym!
She can give you plenty of ways,
To stay healthy during these holidays.

Finally, don’t forget the reason,
To enjoy this festive season.
Wishing you all the best and good cheer,
And we’ll see you in the new year!

From your Live Right PT Team.