A Healthy Heart

While recently researching cardiovascular health, I came across a shocking reality.

Did you know, that Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills one Australian every 12 minutes and is one of the major causes of death in Australia?

And that last year, cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of 43,477 Australians (nearly 30% of all deaths) – and that these deaths are largely preventable?

Close to three quarters (73%), of Australians aged 30 to 65 years reported having been told by their doctor they have at least one risk factor for heart disease. That’s a very high percentage. The Heart Foundation has a fantastic range of easily digestible information sheets on all things heart related- from risk factors to warning signs and preventative measures.

You can find this information here.

So, don’t miss a beat, read up on all matters of the heart today.

Post by Kara Lucas
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash