‘Tis the Season . . .

Christmas Tree decorated

As we all know, Christmas is near,
There’ll be plenty of celebrating and sharing good cheer.
But before you go off, on your merry ol’ way,
There’s a few helpful things we’d like to say…

Those Christmas parties are always such fun-
But be mindful of THAT cheese board, yes you know the one.
Creamy, gooey cheese from King Island Dairy and Maggie Beer,
They’re completely addictive but go straight to your rear!

We aren’t saying to avoid them.. cuz hey- it’s the festive season,
Just enjoy them in moderation and of course, within reason.
And if it’s a nibble you’ve been asked to bring along,
Here are some alternative ideas to which you can’t go wrong.

When it comes to alcohol, drink responsibly and choose wine,
Spirits with plain mixers and champagne are also fine.
It’s those cheeky cocktails – so avoid at will!!
If you want a Santa belly though, these will fit the bill.
With 500 cals in a Margarita, best give it the sack-
Cuz there’s the same amount of cals in a Macca’s Big Mac.
We get it, cocktails are fun- and yep we are too,
So here’s our list of low carb options put together just for you.

That Chrissie Summer holiday- yikes it comes round fast,
We know you want to wear those togs and have a beachy blast.
Our group classes and some exercises will help get you there,
To feeling more in shape and with a toned derriere.

Look, indulging sometimes happens- it’s Christmas after all,
It’s been a big year, you’ve tried your best and deserve to have a ball.
Relax and enjoy your break, the New Year is almost here-
We just have one final thought before you open that low carb beer.

Once December’s done and dusted, set some health goals in Jan,
And if you need some fitness help, well- I am your woman!
We can work together to create a plan just right for you
To hit those target goals and help you feel fantastic too.

So have a merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday break,
And remember who to call… to help burn off that Christmas cake!


Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org