My Christmas Message to you

Can you believe 2017 has almost come to an end,
And those well awaited Christmas holidays are just around the bend.
We have some final words to share with you before we part,
Some health tips and tricks to keep your holiday ‘street smart.’


By ‘street smart’ we mean- to help you stay fit and strong,
Throughout your holiday break, which for many is summer long. 
And let’s face it, we will all splurge on a goodie or two,
Cuz it’s been a big year and after all it’s a holiday for you!


To all those lucky ones out there who are heading away,
And looking for some fitness ideas to try on a holiday-
Because whether it’s travelling abroad, or at a local destination,
You can still include exercise, regardless of your location.


Now let’s talk about food, it’s a big one we know-
And usually the reason come February, extra weight is on show.
December is a minefield full of cakes and baked goods,
Overeating on leftovers and tucking into plum puds.


Christmas Spread

But first, please know that it’s ok to enjoy this time,
There’s nothing wrong with festive treats and a nice glass of wine.
Moderation is our mantra, and there are always ways,
To mix up your food repertoire on these jolly days.


Why not try your hand at baking a Christmas cake?
This one’s a winner, it’s low carb and easy to make.
You won’t believe these truffles are in fact quite healthy,
You don’t even have to stop after eating two or three.


For healthy protein, seafood is the one you can’t go past,
Nutrient rich, fills you up, and cooking times are fast.
Here is a great selection for you to look through,
Prawn skewers, crab fritters and creole fish– just to name a few.



For healthy mocktails or cocktails, whatever you favour,
We’ve found some options here– low cal but full of flavour.
And a scoop for those sweet tooths with fizzy drink cravings…
Soda streams are on sale- you’re welcome for the savings!


That’s almost all there is to say, with one final curtain call,
There’s just one more thought which I’d like to share with you all.
This year’s been amazing- and to my clients old and new,
I just wanted to say I’ve had such fun working with you.


Enjoy your well-deserved break and can’t wait for the stories I’ll hear,
When we jump back into our fitness goals, in the new year.

Merry Christmas