Massive fitness results in the shortest time possible

Are you looking to get massive fitness results in the shortest time possible?

Umm… yes thanks!

30 minute hiit trainingI am talking about Metafit, a revolutionary high intensity interval training (HIIT) style program rapidly gaining worldwide popularity due to its quick, effective results.

Let’s face it, life gets really busy and for many, long exercise sessions just aren’t achievable. One of the main reasons Metafit is gaining enormous international traction is because the workout style is specifically designed to burn a massive amount of calories and get you closer to your ideal fit body… in just 30 minute sessions!

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, Metafit combines traditional bodyweight exercises (aka exercises which don’t require any equipment) with the latest HIIT training techniques. The result? It sets your metabolism on fire and burns mega calories during AND post workout.

All Metafit sessions include a dynamic mobilisation warm-up, the main Metafit set (depending upon the workout selected can last between 17-23 minutes), and ends with a cool-down. It’s Simple. Hard. Fast. Effective.

As a qualified Metafit trainer, I offer this program in either a studio class, small group or one-on-one setting- and my clients love the results of this workout! Here are what some have to say..

“I love Metafit because it gives me a constant workout with great versatility which doesn’t bore me.. It’s an intense workout in a short period of time so I find I work harder.. Metafit makes me feel like I’ve got heaps more energy when I’m finished!” Kasandra

“OMG – Metafit hurts so much but I love it!! 25 minutes of madness to keep my sanity.. it’s the best.” Evelyn

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