Eat like a (healthy) King … on a budget

It’s time to throw out that ol’ pre-payday-spag-bol recipe and add some pizazz to your mealtime repertoire!

We all know it can be pretty uninspiring to come up with different, healthy meals to cook when you are on a budget. So, we have put together a list of a few favourites to try next time you are reaching for that can of baked beans…

Ready, set, cook!

Healthy dinner recipes for under $3, come again?! And these meals are all under 300cals per serve. With a site called, you know there will be some pretty big savings in these healthy meals.

Fussy eaters? This mum has a few yummy (and cheap) dinner tricks up her sleeve!

Vegetarian? We’ve found a gorgeous collection of recipes to try!

And finally, our friends at BBC Good Food have compiled this tasty list!

We hope this helps!